Sep 02

The Corian Kitchen

Bespoke kitchens are made of just a few materials in most instances. The doors are often an mdf composite with a vinyl wrapped finish. The carcases are made of a melamine faced chipboard. However the kitchen worktops are selected from a large array of materials.


A basic contemporary kitchen worktop is made from thick chipboard and the laminated with a designed finish, or even with a thin laminate of real wood. Of course you can also buy such worktops made completely from solid real wood. These days though kitchen worktops are also created from large solid pieces of granite and quartz and other hard stone. Off the back of these we have started creating many different composite worktops which contain minerals in resin form moulded into worktops of any size shape and colour.  The most popular of these is corian.

Corian is an excellent material because not only is it mould-able giving you endless possibilities it also comes in any colour and has micro-ban antibacterial properties. Now all this got me thinking, sure its great having a very solid scratch and chip resistant antibacterial kitchen worktop. But what if your bespoke kitchen had all of the doors and drawers made from this material.

We probably touch the doors and drawers far more often than we touch the worktop. The worktop does take the dirt and food but we also touch those things and spread it to the doors. On wipe down we tend not to concentrate so much on making sure we wipe all the drawer and door fronts to be fair every time you handle food it would take forever to constantly clean the doors as well as the kitchen worktops. Surely a brilliant option would be to have antibacterial doors.

In terms of scratches and chips, I am very particular when using my bespoke kitchen worktops so I always use a chopping board. My worktops could be made of wax and I wouldn’t scratch them because I take absolute care of them. What is getting scratched are my beautiful doors, not my fault though. Kids, thats right the children have no regard for what they bash into the kitchen fronts and what the catch them with as they walk passed. If only these were made of a very strong scratch resistant material that is created in many colours.

So this brings me to my pledge, can somebody please create the corian kitchen. A solid kitchen where all touched surfaces are built from corian. This kitchen would not scratch break or chip, all surfaces would have antibacterial properties which is an amazing bonus. My dream kitchen would be a bespoke corian kitchen I just need to try and find somebody to make it for me.